Embrace | Envision | Empower


Art Of Life (AOL) was created to incorporate my past, present and future journey. More importantly it holds my life’s lessons.

AOL advocated living life to its fullest.

It is to make your life an expression of who you are, what you believe, and your hopes, dreams and desires.

Our aim is to spread the message and share the gift. If I didn’t publish my first book, it will not led to the second and therefore to finding my current high risk gynae and to welcome my own rainbow. So I want to spread the message, and hopefully you can find your own rainbow after the storm.

Having said that, we have to stay profitable to keep on spreading the message, therefore we also help women from all walks of life to lead life creatively. Through our workshops, women will be inspired to be more open and receptive to try new experiences. Be it taking up a new hobby or learning to start a part-time business.

Art Of Life is providing the following services:

  1. Meeting – Empowerment for Miscarriage (EM)
  2. Keynote
  3. Workshop