Lost And Found Book

This second book is about my twin – Elvis Low Kay Cheng & Louis Low Kay Seng (刘家证, 刘家诚).

Undeterred by the loss of my first baby and with the support of my hubby and family, I gathered my courage and underwent a repeated round of In-Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) and found myself pregnant once again, this time, with twins. Unfortunately, my happiness was short-lived. Faced with the imminent threat of Cervical Incompetence (CI), I opted to undergo a Cervical Cerclage to increase my odds of carrying my babies to term. Tragedy soon struck and I found myself stricken with grief once more.

Lost And Found is my personal story of an arduous journey to parenthood, my anguish at the heart-wrenching loss of my babies, and how I eventually found faith, peace and hope. The book includes experts’ contributions in the areas of chiropractic in pregnancy, coping with grief, and pre/post-pregnancy exercises, as well as real-life tales of other mothers who had been in a similar predicament.

Lost And Found is a comforting companion for women who are trying for a baby and mothers whose dream has been shattered and wondering how to find hope again…

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